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Downhill, vert, and derby... )

Derby practice last night was crazy. We scrimmaged, but as usual nobody was at practice so we had only 7 people on each team so you could only take a break if you were about to jam or you had just jammed. I kept volunteering to jam just so I could have a break from blocking for a minute or two!! And while I was jamming, Dorian accidentally slammed her shoulder into my face so I have a nice shiner today. Oh well, I'm just glad she's playing with our league, despite driving past two others to get to us! She's a great blocker. We're all playing a bit sloppy because we're so out of practice after the summer. I got sent to the box twice. D:


Sep. 4th, 2011 04:27 pm
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I never used to be the sort of person who hates rainy days... *stares out the window and sighs*

Here's a fun French video:

I don't speak French but I've found so many cool videos of French quad skaters, doing everything from bombing hills to jump competitions to slalom to ramp to aggressive street stuff like this, the sort of thing you usually see from inliners. They seem to have a really cool skating scene over there. What we call "aggressive" skating they apparently call "freeride" or "freeskate", which I like a lot better as term because it's much less macho. Not that the skaters themselves are any less macho...


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