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BLT* has told the story dozens of times. During a particularly hard-hitting bout, an opposing skater slammed her all the way off the track and into the audience. A large, tall woman going top speed and out of control, BLT was terrified she was going to hurt someone. She nearly ended up in the laps of couple sitting on the turn. A little dazed by the hit, BLT apologized and struggled to get her skates back under her so she could limp off on her way. But then this fan BLT had nearly crushed grabbed her hand and yanked her to her feet. She gave her shove on her way and said, "Go get 'em, Baby Lou." And BLT did.

That fan was the hero of the night and is one of our favorite stories to tell about how in roller derby, fan involvement can mean a little more than it does in other sports. :)

Well, last night at practice I found out that fan, the legendary Lesbian at Turn Two, is also Jennifer Tyrrell, CRUSADER FOR JUSTICE.

"My name is Jennifer Tyrrell. I am a devoted partner, mother, friend and community leader in Bridgeport, Ohio. I’m also a former Tiger Cub den leader with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). I was recently removed from this volunteer position, and my membership was revoked after nearly a year of service – just because I happen to be gay.

Shortly after registering my son for Cub Scouts, I was asked to assume the role of den leader and was persuaded by a platform of tolerance, acceptance and support. Throughout the year, my cubs performed volunteer service at a local soup kitchen, collected canned goods for area churches to distribute in food baskets, participated in bell-ringing for the Salvation Army, and, at the time of my removal, were working on a conservation project for a state park. My Tiger Cubs earned multiple Scout badges for service and skills, while learning and exercising the 12 Core Values of Scouting: citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health & fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility.

The revocation of my membership came shortly after I was elected treasurer of my pack and uncovered some inconsistencies in the pack's finances. Within a week of reporting these findings to the council, I received notice that my membership had been revoked, based on my sexual orientation, citing that because I'm gay, I did 'not meet the high standards of membership that the BSA seeks.'

There was an outcry of support for me by the parents of my Tiger Scouts, many of whom waited for hours to voice their concerns to members of the council and the pack's charter organization, but were turned away without the opportunity to do so.

It is time for the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider its policy of exclusivity against gay youth and leaders. Please sign this petition to call for an end of discrimination in an organization that is shaping the future.

As more individuals become aware of the discrimination I’ve been dealing with, it is my hope that these incidents will happen less frequently -- if at all."

I heard about this on Wednesday and immediately signed her petition and asked her if there were any other ways I could help, but finding out last night that she was That Fan made me respect her even more! And she's also fannish, her Facebook pic is a rainbow Hunger Games logo. :) Please sign this petition to support Jen, because she is definitely an awesome person!

*(BLT is in my new "derby" icon above, she's the skater in black on the left, I'm on the right. Fat girls on skates, unstoppable!!)


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