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10) Knee pads. Seriously.

11) Look before you leap. Darting between parked cars is almost as dangerous when you're coming from the street as the other way around.

12) No matter how desperate you are to get out of the office, change out of your work uniform BEFORE skating.

It was beautiful outside today and an agonizingly long work day. I bolted for the door as soon as I had the chance and decided to skip changing into my "play clothes" for the skate home because that might take an additional five whole minutes and I had to be out in the sun, STAT.

My skate home from work takes me through a street where the sidewalk is fenced off because of construction, so I have to skate in the road for half a block. It's only a little bit scary, because it's right next to a hospital. This road has a bit of a incline, so it's easy to gain a lot of speed, and I zoomed past the fenced area as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, once I was past the fence, the rest of the street was parked car after parked car, and I couldn't see the sidewalk from the road. There was a car coming up behind me, so I was afraid to slow down suddenly enough that I could stop at the next intersection. I didn't have a lot of time to think. I just took a deep breath and a leap of faith and darted between two parked cars onto the sidewalk.

I came out between those cars and saw that sidewalk and about had a heart attack. I had managed to hop, going full speed, in the middle of the worst patch of sidewalk in all of South Wheeling. WHYYYYYY. I was going so fast I managed to roll right over a TWO INCH gap in the pavement and several patches of grass and weeds, but then I just went straight into a hole full of gravel.


I'm totally fine aside from a scraped knee, but my scrub pants are DEMOLISHED. Apparently $14.99 is the going price of insane recklessness these days.

Plus side, a full 8 miles today! About a quarter of that on sidewalks almost as bad as that first bit. Learning to keep my feet moving and think quick. ;) And I am going to avoid getting in a situation like that ever again... now that I think about it, I just should have skated over to the other side of the road. hahahahaha *dies of stupid*


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