Sep. 1st, 2011

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The main thing I'm working on right now is getting donations for Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania's annual Lupus Loop 5K. A girl in my league, Demolition Mortician, has lupus so a bunch of us are trying to show our support for her by raising as much money as possible. This 5K is extra cool because you can skate it or walk your dog instead of running. So my plan has been to ask people to donate a small amount for each mile I skate in "training" for the 5K. So far I've skated only 43 miles and my goal is 200 miles. I might be a little screwed. I just keep getting minor injuries at practice and that's really slowed me down! But now the frantic pre-skills-testing rush is over and I'm down to 2 practices a week, so I should be okay. *crosses fingers* If it doesn't rain I'm skating the 20 miles up and back from Wellsburg tomorrow and that'll get me back on goal...

I really want to raise tons and tons of money. What this disease does to Morty is really fucked up! And she's been really discouraged by how tough it's been to get people to donate. :(


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